The purpose of this site

  • The purpose of this site is to create a resource to make gold mining easy. This is a way in which gold can be mined and also issues like raising hatchlings inadvertently can be avoided as the mine contains only links to adult creatures.

How do you decide whose links to use

  • I use the links of people who contact me and expressly tell me that I can use their links on this site

How to get your mine added to this site

  • Post on This Thread in the Magistream Forum
  • Please mention the tabs from which I can pick up creature codes.
  • I will do so as soon as it is convenient for me to add the mine.
  • You do not have to move eggs, hatchlings or frozen creatures from a tab. I pick up only Adult creatures for the mine
  • Also, please state if it is a blanket permission for every mine update.

Can you make me an Image Free mine for my MagiStream profile

  • Yes, I can
  • Please PM me, make sure the subject of the PM is "Image Free Mine for Profile"

What will you charge me

  • The mine making for your profile is a free service.
  • I may take some time doing it, you can add your own mine using the codes set up by the wonderful Rosehill Coding Tools